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What to Expect


Everyone starts with a free 15-minute consult.

  • Briefly tell Dr. Grise about your health concerns and your history.
  • Dr. Grise will let you know whether homeopathic treatment seems to be appropriate for your case or if she needs to refer you to another physician for care.

The Visits:

1) Initial Medical Consultation: 

  • Discussion of your current medical concerns, past medical history, family history, and any other health concerns you have.
  • Physical examination as appropriate based on your health history.
  • Discussion of diagnosis, testing, and treatment options that may be helpful.
  • We will request past medical records from other physicians if necessary.
  • We will order new labs and imaging if appropriate.
  • We may recommend vitamins, herbs, or other natural supplements.
  • We may recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize your treatment.

2) Homeopathic Consultation: 

  • In-depth review of your primary symptoms, to determine which homeopathic medicine you are most likely to respond to.
    • Stories and examples of when your symptoms are at their worst.
    • Thought patterns, emotional reactions, and physical sensations that come on when your symptoms are strongest.
    • Things that make symptoms a little better and worse.
  • We will prescribe a homeopathic medicine specific to your case, costing about $10 per vial that would usually last over a month.
  • Discussion of benefits and risks of homeopathic treatment.
  • Dr. Grise offers a free 10-minute phone check-in within the first two weeks of starting treatment.

**Depending on your preference and availability, we can schedule the medical and homeopathic consultations together or separately.

3) Follow Up Visits: 

  • Review of symptoms and assessment of your response to treatment.
  • Usually once per month at first, then less often as needed based on individual case.
  • 45-minute extended follow up if you need significant changes to your protocol.
  • 15-minute brief follow up if you need slight or no changes to your protocol.

New Patient Paperwork:

Please print, fill out, and bring the following five (5) forms to your appointment. For long-distance patients, you may fax us your paperwork, scan and email us your paperwork, or mail it to us if needed.


FYI Forms: You do not need to bring these to your visit but please read beforehand.