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Gemstone Energy Medicine

The field surrounding the physical body can become stagnant or heavy in areas that result in physical and emotional changes and symptoms. This can result from a traumatic experience, mental tension, or as a result of physical changes. The energetic field is easily affected by gemstones via resonance with the stones. Disharmonious energy syncs with the field of the stone, creating a balancing and harmonizing effect. The gemstones can be used on the physical body, fixed with medical tape, to acupuncture points in place of traditional needles.

Gems such as ruby, mother of pearl, and rhodonite work to support the emotional system. Gems such as sugilite, sodalight, and rose quartz (roselle) work to balance and open the field.

Therapeutic grade gemstones from Gemisphere are used to ensure the highest purity possible. Training to work on the body and the field was taught by Dr. Sara Hazel, a naturopathic practitioner practicing in Flagstaff, AZ.

Sensations felt with gemstone energy medicine can include feelings of movement, expansion, or flow through the body, sensations of pulling or tugging on the body, and as if “something” is leaving the body. Patients are often shocked when they open their eyes to see the gems 4-6 inches away, when they are certain they are being touched.

The field is powerful, and can be the key to healing the system physically, emotionally, and spiritually.