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Dr. Grise is a licensed naturopathic physician with a special focus in the integrative treatment of mental illness including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and more.

Integrative Primary Care

Depression, anxiety, and unresolved trauma or grief impact the day-to-day activities that once brought ease and joy. Often, physical symptoms come alongside the mental/emotional to compound the suffering, making it hard to be as active socially or even professionally. Often patients have consulted with several providers before coming to naturopathic medicine, but they come because there were aspects of their health that were not addressed. Dr. Diane Grise specializes in the integrative treatment of mental and emotional illness and LGBTQI health, while also understanding the interconnection with many physical conditions including autoimmune disease and gastrointestinal disorders. By taking all aspects of health and history into account with proper diagnostic testing, a root cause can more easily be identified.

Dr. Grise is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, the Arizona Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and adjunct clinical faculty at the Sonoran University of Health Sciences.

Warm welcoming environment.

Dr. Grise has truly helped me overcome some of my medical issues that I believed would never go away. Not only does she provide a warm welcoming environment, but she also knows exactly what she’s doing, and provides immense levels of skill and help to her patients. I have now become such an advocate for naturopathy because of Dr. Grise, and would not hesitate to recommend her therapy to anyone for any health related issues.
K.D., Tempe, AZ
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Dr. Grise is very knowledgeable and a very compassionate doctor I have looked far and wide to find a naturopathic mental health practitioner and they just don’t exist fortunately there is Dr. Grise and she is outstanding.
D.M., Arizona
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Made such a difference in my life!

Dr Grise was my saving grace. It has been very easy to get a hold of her and make appointments. She is very understanding and non judgmental and I felt comfortable sharing anything. She is very efficient in homeopathy however she combines a number of different modalities in office and to do at home for a complete treatment plan. Dr Grise is one of the best docs I have had the chance to meet and has made such a difference in my life!
S.B., BC
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A behavior shift.

Since my daughter, who has autism, has been seeing Dr Grise I’ve noticed a behavior shift around that time of month. Less weepy and emotional. In addition, we found out she is sensitive to certain foods. By following Dr Grise’s suggested diet and supplements, she seems to feel better. Thank you Dr Grise.
A.A., Arizona
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Calming and compassionate.

I loved working with Dr. Grise. She supported me through one of the most stressful times of my life and significantly decreased my anxiety with homeopathic treatment. Her calming and compassionate nature always left me feeling uplifted after our appointments. I highly recommend working with her.
A.M., Mesa, AZ
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