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Dr. Grise is a licensed naturopathic physician with a special focus in the integrative treatment of mental illness including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and more.

Are you looking for a heart-centered and effective treatment approach for your

mental and physical health concerns?

Do you want to avoid or reduce harmful side-effects of conventional medication?

Find out how Dr. Diane Grise, ND can help you reclaim your health.

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Integrative Primary Care

Dr. Grise utilizes conventional diagnostic lab and imaging to establish a diagnosis and monitor treatment progress. Integrative treatments are recommended to treat current health concerns and prevent future concerns. Dr. Grise specializes in the integrative treatment of mental and emotional illness and LGBTQI health, but treats many physical conditions including autoimmune disease and gastrointestinal disorders. Often a person’s health history includes a combination of both mental and physical health concerns. By taking all aspects of health and history into account, a root cause can more easily be identified.