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This is an ancient method of Traditional Chinese Medicine originating over 3000 years ago utilizing small surgical stainless steel needles to encourage proper flow of energy and fluids through the body. This effective, well-researched modality results in an immediate calming effect as the nervous system shifts into a parasympathetic state. This treatment is indicated for pain management, digestive and respiratory health, and hormonal health.

When acupuncture is paired with cupping treatment, a further increase in blood flow and circulation results. Cupping is often used on the back to treat muscle tension, increase lung capacity, and decrease chest tension. This is indicated when chest tension is experienced alongside anxiety, asthma, or pneumonia.

Acupuncture is typically performed 2-4 times per week for an acute injury or illness, or performed every 2-4 weeks for a condition that is more stable or intermittent. The treatments build upon one another as the system continues to balance. The needles are rarely painful, although an aching sensation can be felt initially as the stagnant energy interacts with the needle. A sense of movement, flow, and relaxation are often experienced within minutes.